Course description

Flight training courses

The integrated flight training programs offered at UFTC include instrument rating, and private and commercial pilot certification courses. By completing a year of training course, students will be qualified for aviation professions.


Located on the south-east coast of South Korea, UFTC has the perfect climate and atmosphere for flying. Our exceptional facilities include navigation safety systems, weather equipment, and required safety systems.

Aircraft(CESSNA 172)

UFTC’s SkyHawk model is equipped with a NAV II instrument system, which optimizes the flight quality, as well as a NAV III Garmin G1000 glass cockpit instrument system.

Aircraft(PA-44 Seminole)

PA-44 Seminole is a twin-engine aircraft manufactured by Piper (U.S.). It is the most widely used model for multi-engine aircraft conversion training.



1800M X 45M for light aircraft


Flight information room

Faculties’ office


Meeting room