Uljin Flight Training Center is affiliated to Korean Aviation College which was established in 1990. The program of KAC ranges cultivating pilots, aviation maintenance mechanics, flight crews and ground workers.
Uljin Flight Training Center was approved as an entrusted pilot training institution from Land and Transportation Ministry of Korea. With its 27-year experience in business and many certified flight instructors, UFTC offers its professional training programs to students who want to become a global pilot. UFTC’ safe and comfortable training fleet and facilities include new and late CESSNA172, PCT-2S simulators and aviation hangars.

Our school started as an aviation maintenance institution in 1990 and has been gradually developing in an overall aviation area. It is now organised as Gloria Educationnal Foundation which has subordinate maintenance and crew schools, an accredited flight school. As a result of the excellence in education, the schools have continued to grow and earned a good reputation. For the past 27 years, we have supplied a lot of manpower to the airline industry, which is our pride.