About Us

Uljin Flight Training Center(UFTC)

Affiliated with Korean Aviation College, UFTC is in Uljin Airfield.
Since 1990, we have trained and produced many men and women of distinguished talent in aviation. In 2014, we were selected as a Nation’s accredited institution for flight training by the Ministry of land and Transportation of Korea. For the last 27 years, we have made our flight trainees’ dream come true. With 27 years of experience and reputation in the aviation industry, we offer nationally approved training courses for the future pilots from all around the world.


UFTC offer the perfect environment for the flight training. Our exceptional facilities include the newest navigation safety systems, weather equipment, and the required safety systems. Putting the trainees’safety before anything, we offer a secure training environment.

Cessna 172S / 172R optimized for pilot training

UFTC fleet consists of Cessna 172S and 172R. Cessna 172s and 172R are airplanes that are used to train professional airline pilots around the world. The newest and safe control system of Cessna will guide you to accomplish your goal as a professional pilot.


UFTC offer simulators in which students take training for their primary skills at the very beginning training stage. With our technologically advanced training program, our trainees are trained in an authentic and secure environment. The simulator flight time will be accumulated in the logbook up to 30 hours.

Gloria Educationnal Foundation

Since 1990, Gloria Educational Foundation has supplied a great number of pilots, maintenance mechanics, and crews for the airline industry. We provide students with the knowledge, technical skills, and authentic learning experience that will lead them to a successful career. We seek to expand our business into a helicopter service, an aircraft maintenance, and a ferry service business. We proudly provide an exceptional training experience with our superior facilities and competent faculties.


Gloria Educational Foundation is comprised of Korean Aviation College, Global Hotel College, and Korea Continuing Education Institution that offers internet-based degree granting college courses. The faculties of each school have extensive experiences in the related businesses respectively.

Each school has been operating internship programs in cooperation with companies. The schools offer extra classes to help students get their college degrees as well as technical skills.

General aviation business

We are planning to expand our business into a helicopter service, an aircraft maintenance, and a ferry service business.


Inauguration ceremony of Uljin flight training director
Introduced two G1000 simulated flight training devices [14 total]
Purchased 3 Cessnas (17 in total)
Holding ceremony for flight instructor of the first flight training center
Steering Alumni Founding General Meeting
Purchased Seminol 44-180(multi-engine)
Purchased another 5 Cessnas
Succeeded in solo flights of 6 students
Participated in 2015 Asian-Pacific Aviation Symposium
Purchased 9 aircraft for Aviation Pilot Department
Granted accreditation by the ministry of Land, infrastructure and Transport on the flight training school supported by the government, as the third in industry